Archive Your Art

You can archive your personal Custom Design in three easy steps.

1. Submit your Custom Design transfer order and request your special design be         archived to your personal Plug-In® Clip Art Book.


2. When the artwork of your Custom Design is complete, we will send you one             (1) no charge email proof for your inspection.


3. Enclosed with your Custom Transfer order you will find a printed copy of your         new "Archived Clip Art." When you place your new order, just provide us with         your personal unique clip art number located at the top of your archive. You will     now be able to quote your sale using our low cost Plug-In® pricing.


For a low price your art will be archived for future savings, and you will receive a "no charge" pre-production proof for inspection by you and your customer.


Remember: Keep your printed copy with its own unique individual number, and use your reference number when submitting new orders.


Note: Modifying archives beyond simple color placement and sizing could incur Custom Design Pricing.



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